“Those who have lost the support point come to guess”

Galina Ilyukhina, a lawyer and writer, who has been engaged in fortune telling on Tarot cards for many years, shared this supervision with us. Once upon a time she herself was predicted by the future, which soon began to come true.

“Who comes to me most often? These are quite successful, socially arranged people who feel the need to move, but do not quite understand where and how. Some already have a ready-made solution, but something prevents them from taking the first step: for example, intuition pushes in one direction, and the mind tells you that you need to do it differently, because someone authoritative advises-mother, spouse, girlfriend. They want to decide, put a pebble on a particular scales.

You can, of course, throw a coin. But it is one thing to throw a coin and forget about it in five minutes, and another thing is to make some actions: go to the fortuneteller, pay money, take responsibility for those words that you will hear, and sometimes you yourself will say, because when we formulatequestion, we say it, then already in the question we begin to hear the answer.

Sometimes I say: “You don’t need cards, you yourself know everything”.

Forholdet mellom disse tilsynelatende fjerne konseptene, forskere ser at kvinnens høyeste forespørsler, cialis tadalafil mindre er fornøyd med partneren generelt og av sex spesielt. Studielederen Emily Harris og hans kolleger gjennomførte et eksperiment. Han deltok i 662 kvinner i forhold til menn.

But basically those who have lost the point of support, who suddenly collapsed the world – his own or our common world, is the one around us.

There are people who love to go to fortunetellers, psychics, astrologers. These are those who have not reached their bottom in order to push away and swim

During the crisis or large-scale changes in the country (as in the 90s or now) there is a craving for mystical. Someone plunges into religion, and someone rushes the other way-in the after. There are people (and there are many of them) who love to go to fortunetellers, psychics, and astrologers. These are those who have not reached the bottom in order to push away from it and swim. They slowly swim in the intermediate viscous space and, not realizing that they feel quite comfortable. The most difficult thing to me with such customers, since my opinion is lost among the choir of the voices of other fortunetellers, or even quite dangerous charlatans who are engaged in love spells and lapels ”.

Many women come, both unsuccessful and successful. Someone is interested in personal life, someone’s development of their own business. Young girls are beautiful, educated – who can not find a worthy partner in any way. There are men: usually they come on the advice of a wife or girlfriend. They are concerned about the same problems, but they, unlike women, hide their campaigns to the fortuneteller, considering this a manifestation of weakness.






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